Back from a wonderful weekend at Equestrian Sports Minoga stable, Poland 25./26.11.2017 :-)


We had 6 horse/rider combinations, who worked mainly in the basic exercises of Straightness Training. After discussing the natural asymmetry and the six keys of ST we dived into the practical lessons. For some riders it was the very first approach in ST and for others, it was refining the aids in half pass, pirouette and we even addressed some trot work in Groundwork. The main goal this weekend was to get the horses relaxed so they were able to find a lateral bending in the body (L) a forward down tendency (F) and a stepping under of the inside hind leg (S) towards the center of mass. This is the golden thread in ST and needs to be kept in mind while performing in any exercise and gait. 

We also had some lovely Liberty on-line and off-line moments, which we mainly used to get the horses more focused and connected to the rider. Only when the horse is able to listen to our questions we can start to work on the physically quality.


You all did very well and I look forward to seeing you next year again :-)


A big thank you to Alina Pachileb for the organization, Błażej Nikiel for sticking to my side and translating every word I said and all the spectators for bringing a good vibe and questions to the table.


Happy Straightness Training!

Back from a wonderful Workshop in Italy (Tuscany) at Silvia Tave place ( Il Chiodo Fisso), 30th September 


We started the day with some theory about the Natural Asymmetry of the horse and how (6 keys) we are going to address it to get the horse as symmetrical as possible in body and limbs.

It was lovely to see so many new and interested horse people as well as some ST Mastery, Entry Course and Home Study Course students.


After the theory, we dived into the practical lessons, where we focused mainly on the LFS (lateral bending, forward down tendency and stepping under of the inside hind leg) on the circle and straight line. 

LFS is the golden thread in ST and should never be underestimated as this is the basis for all further exercises and components.


Thank you very much to you all for making this day a great success and a big THANK YOU to Silvia for organizing it, taking care so well of me and having school horses available.


Your place is magic and I look forward to next time 

Back from our wonderful Instructor clinic in Holland 1st to 5th September 

There was a lot of learning and growing going on in every aspect and it was great to spent time again with Marijke de Jong and my fellow collegues to chat about horses and having a good time over a glas of vine at dinner. Super cool to have met Marianne and Ju from Brasil finally 

The main focus in this clinic was Liberty and Riding. Some riders polished their skills in riding to find the true yielding in front, which comes from behind. Others practised transitions as walk-canter-walk and we even had some flying changes and canter pirouettes.

I teamed up with Carolin Moldenhauer ST-Instructor and her lovely mare Floh over the 5 days and I explored for the very first time stick riding. This concept is meant to bring the horse into higher mental state, where it starts to think about the actual behavior like 'how fast, how many steps, which direction', which also goes hand in hand with Liberty on the ground.

Working at Liberty brought again clearness of how important it is to reward the slightest try to keep the horse motivated, gain trust and to bring it into searching or best into a figuring out state. Interesting to see were the different horse characters and the different approaches, because every horse is unique and there is never a 'one fits all approach'.

Stick riding was very interesting for me, because it will bring not just the rider but also the horse into another level of communication, feeling and being aware of each other, where riding without visible aids and melting into a centaur will be possible.

After the five days, I was able to integrate the first taught isolated exercises. I could set the direction, to stop where ever, back-up, go on a circle and even addressed a tiny bit the feel of haunches-in on the circle. It was an amazing feeling to be able to ride without the use of reins and how Floh started to resonate on my inner picture and feeling.

It just opened another window to a whole new world for me and I look very much forward to exploring it. Floh did a great job and a big thank you to Carolin for letting me work with your lovely Floh 

Looking forward to getting back together next year 

Check out http://straightnesstraining.com/news-and-events/st-instructor-clinic-netherlands/ for a little glimpse.

Back from a wonderful 3 days’ Workshop at Anna’s place in Poland.


It was a small but very open group and every one eager to lean. Wonderful to see were our two young participants Zuzia and Monika with the age of 14. Every morning we started with some theory, which was brought to life in the practical lessons. In the evenings, we talked about the outcome of the day and had lovely discussions over a glass of vine.


The pillar Liberty brought a lot of insights and more clearness about the true connection. Knowing how horses learn and how their natural behavior in the herd is gives a better understanding of how to approach our horses. Anna, Ewa and Zuzanna did a great job with their horses. Having patience and just being instead of always doing something with the horse was an eye opener. Well done all of you giving it a try.   


With the beginners horses we worked a lot in the teaching phase, where exercises were isolated and every slightest step in the right direction was capture with a release, reward and relax to keep the horses motivated.

With the more advanced horses, we dived into the optimizing phase, where we looked for quality in the performance. We strive to integrate all fundamentals at that level as balance, suppleness, shape, tempo and rhythm.


The three training styles were a big topic in every pillar and exercise. Getting the feel when to switch to the ‘telling style’ mainly when we teach something new or if clear boundaries have to be set. Being aware of difference of the ‘coaching style’ where a real dialogue between rider and horses takes place or the ‘hand over’ style, where we give the horse more freedom to express themselves and to let them digest or rest in the comfort zone after their were stretched.


We discussed also the elementary aids in Straightness Training, which mainly come down to observe first before you start to produce something with your seat, leg, rein and longe aid.

Because not only the physically aid is needed, we also communicate with energetic and mental aids. We strive for more with less. To have a clear inner picture, having a plan and visualizing what you are going to ask from your horse can have a big impact in training.

Don’t we all reach for the ultimate goal, being one with our horse, feeling united like a ‘centaur’ and giving invisible aids to bring out the beauty and harmony in every moment J


I had the pleasure to ride Arabeska and get the feel for jumping a bit. Thank you Anna for guiding me in my first jumping experience. 


Thank you very much to each one of you making this weekend a full success. Anna with her horses Mr. Arab, Tin Laden, Parmen, Ewa Ty with her lovely mares Czesia and Siwa, who drove over 4 hours one way to attend the workshop. Hats off Ewa J Monika with Buska and Rosie and last but not least Zuzanna with Dukat. You all were amazing and I had so much fun and learning moments myself.

Happy Straightness Training to you all and see you next spring again J  



Nun habt ihr die Möglichkeit mit dem ST Mastery Entry Course in die Materie von Straightness Training einzutauchen. Der Einstiegskurs umfasst lediglich die Trainingskomponente Bodenarbeit von den Anfängen bis zu den versammelten Arbeiten wie Piaffe und Galopp aber auch viele andere Aspekte die zu einem fundamentalen Pferdetraining dazugehören z.B. die natürliche Schiefe des Pferdes, Herdenverhalten und wie lernen überhaupt Pferde und uvm.


Natürlich kannst du zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt dir weitere Trainingskomponenten einfach dazu nehmen ohne Zeitdruck, denn du machst die Reise mit deinem Pferd in dem Tempo, welches euch zusagt.


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Back from a fantastic weekend at Eva’s place in ZÁDVEŘICE - RAKOVÁ, 03./04. June


All horse rider combinations made a huge progress since last time and we could take it a step further with each pair. In the morning we talked about the ‘herd of aids’ we use in Straightness Training and how to combine them with the motivation quadrant and the concept of the 5 R’s (Release, Reward, Relax, Repeat or Redirect).

It was lovely to see how every rider and horse put so much effort and concentration into each lesson despite the heat. There were a lot of refining and searching going on for the 2 mm, which make a big difference. We worked in each pillar of ST and different levels where showed from more beginning to advanced exercises, which was very interesting for the audience as well. It gave them a nice overview of the possibilities in training and where the journey could go if followed the logical system in building up the horse properly.


A big thank you to the Mastery students Eva Žaludková for hosting the Workshop on her lovely venue, Hanča Chrastecká for the pictures and the wonderful organization, Jana Valehrachova for the professional translation and of course all spectators who brought a super atmosphere along and made this Workshop a success.

I look very much forward to meet up again :-)

Back from a wonderful weekend in Poland at Annas place, 27./28. Mai

I was fortunate to visit Anna’s place now for the 4th time and it is so lovely to see how all horses (which most of them are rescue horses) developed nicely. ST gave them a new perspective in life and all of them are so willing and motivated to learn.

On both mornings we went over the basics again to widen, broaden and deepen our knowledge in the natural asymmetry, the six keys, the 5 pillars and the 4 areas. This time we welcomed many necomers, who saw ST for the very first time in action. This brought many great questions to the table, which were discussed in a fruitful atmosphere till late at night.

Big thank you to Anna for organizer it very well and Kashia for capturing those lovely moments.
You all did a very great job and I’m looking forward to the next time :-)

Instructor clinic in England 5th till 9th May

I haven't written a report this time...there was just no time left but to get a better idea you can check out 


Back from the last Straightness Training Workshop in Poland near Krakow, 29./30. April


On Saturday morning we started with an introduction into ST and the natural asymmetry of the horse followed by the six keys to address the natural asymmetry. On Sunday we dived a bit into the 5 components and the variety they can bring into the training.


The main theme of this weekend was the LFS, which is a golden thread in ST:

Never lose it and always keep the essence in mind.

In the standstill exercises as well as in movement we practice to find, to see and to feel the correct lateral bending, the forward down tendency and the stepping under of the inside hind leg.


It sounds easier than done but you all did great in giving it a try.


A big thank you to Alina Palichleb for organizing, Danuta Rokicka for taking pictures and to all horse/rider combination and spectators, who made this Workshop happened.

Looking forward to your progress and happy Straightness Training to you all J



Back from a wonderful weekend in Kurdejove in Czech Republic, 1./2. April 2017


We had a nice mixture of horse/rider combinations from young horses, breeding mares, stallions to geldings.

It was a beginners workshop so after the introduction into Straightness Training, the natural asymmetry of the horse and how we can address it, we went into practice to bring the theory to life.


Everybody started in the standstill exercise to see and feel where the center of mass is and where it should be. Having those front legs straight and aligned next to each other can be quite a challenge. Also checking if the influence in front has an effect through the spine ending up with an inside hip coming forward. After finding and guiding the horses in the LFS on the circle, we were able to address a bit Longeing and haunches-in with some horses. It was lovely to see the progress in each riders and the change in the horses.


A big thank you to Laura for doing an amazing job in organizing it and taking care of everybody, Jana for the translation into Czech and of course to all the particpants and spectators, who made this workshop happening.

You all rock :-)


Back from a fantastic weekend full of ST lessons in Altamura at Tina Petrera’s work place, 27.02.2017


We had a nice mixture of horse/rider combinations and it so was lovely to see how everybody could find the essence in each exercise.

I like to give a big THANK YOU to Tina and her husband Filippo for the great organisation, the riders ST Mastery students Tina and Isabella, Home Study Course Students Paola and Mirko, Alessandra, Annarita, Caterina and Silvia, Rosa for capturing all those nice moments and of course to all spectators, who interacted with nice questions, laughter and fun.


A main topic was the natural asymmetry and how we can address it. In the practical lessons each rider could feel how challenging it can be in the standstill exercises to have the weight equally divided on all 4 legs while checking if the inside hip is coming forward or feeling in front and scanning in behind on the circles seems often easier than actually done. Many rebalancing half halts were practiced to give the horses a nice Balance, Suppleness and Shape and the concentration of the riders to find the right moment were just incredible J


We also dived into the Liberty work with Tina’s horses and the change in their mental states were just awesome.

You all R.O.C.K.E.D. to the max J

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What’s the purpose of a strong hind quarter today?


In former times it was necessary to have a strong, supple and fit horse to fight in battle and to have a chance to survive. Today it is not about life and death anymore but still we strive for a healthy, willing and agile horse.


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I am very proud to present my new Logo also for 2017 as a licensed ST Instructor as well as becoming an official Straightness Training Evaluator.