18 Feb.2020

Last weekend we had a great ST Workshop in Tuscany 🇮🇹, Arezzo again at "IL CHIODO FISSO" Centro Equestre owed by ST Entry Student Silvia Tave and her sister Barbara Taverni, who makes sure we all get the best delicious Italian food 😀

This time we dived a bit into the “Think-Act-Check-Change” cycle of Straightness Training, which is linked to the concept of David Kolb’s theory of learning styles.

We had some nice discussions about the different phases and types in the cycle and we all agreed that it is best to go through the learning cycle in a balanced way to really optimize our learning opportunities:

Some people like to read the complete ST Mastery first (Assimilator). They read, watch and think. Once they through the material they start over again making sure to not miss a thing because they want to know it all seeing the ‘bigger picture’.
However, this student is not really doing anything yet by getting active with his horse.

 Some people like to look only into a specific topic, only checking out a certain exercise e.g. how to teach the haunches-in (Converger). This student like to study every little detail about haunches-in first before he actually starts to do. He goes forth and back experimenting and playing with his horse in his training laboratory, always looking to get it perfect. So he ‘thinks first and acts later”. That is also good but often we can get stuck for too long in this phase not seeing the ‘bigger picture’.

Some people like the jump into the cold water, they like to push buttons being a bit impatient (Accommodator) because they are driven by the question ‘What happens if I do this? So they go for “trial & error” and “learning by doing” without really studying the theory or knowing what to do. However, as the old Grandmaster François Robichon de la Guérinière once said: Without theory, the practical application always remains uncertain because this type is often missing the true essence lacking some quality and produces look alike.

Some people like to watch and observe first (Diverger). They like to compare e.g. Straightness Training with other training methods. They reflect and contemplate on what they have learned in the previous method and why thing have been done differently compared to Straightness Training. They have a lot of imagination and thinks of possibilities and pitfalls. However, this student tends to be a bit indecisive and therefore the active doing with the horse is lacking.

The golden thread in the practical lessons this time was to be precise, crisp and clear with our guidance. If we lack in clear pictures and energy our horses will resonate and adjust to that. Then we start to wonder why we are stuck in some areas and why our aids become more ‘nagging’ or ‘micromanaging’.
The horses started to shape up giving their best aikido showing some nice balance, suppleness, shape, tempo and rhythm once the riders stepped up the game and presented their horses a new version of themselves. The transformations were just great 😊

ST Mastery students Bruna and Timna worked on their Touchstone feedbacks with nice results at Liberty and Riding. I am looking very much forward to seeing their progress in the next Touchstones.
You all did a fantastic job and it was a great pleasure to support you once again on your journey with your lovely horses.

Thanks to all the riders and spectator, who made the workshop a full success 🙂

🐴Mastery Entry Student Silvia Tave & Stella, Elia Taverni & Ribot, Eleonora Niccolini & Pensame, Manuela Crovato & Leppidoro, Giulia Francesca Rabboni & Hidalgo, Bruna Stella (Federici) & Stella, Mastery Student Timna Panfietti Monaco & Canidà

👓Mastery Student Tina Petrera, Mastery Student Isabella Galgano, Mastery Student Annarita Trevite Pienadigioia, Ilaria Valente, Gianmarco Agostini, Federico Stendardi, Graziella Piccirilli

                                                                                                                                                                                  Jan. 2020

Auch dieses Jahr kann ich mit Stolz mein neues Logo als lizensierter ST Instructor präsentieren als auch weiterhin das Logo eines offiziellen Straightness Training Evaluators.


I am very proud to present my new Logo also for 2020 as licensed ST Instructor as well as being an official Straightness Training Evaluator.