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You are looking for something different referring to horse training?

You have tried already many different horse training methods but still haven’t found the ultimate one?

Straightness Training will change your and your horse’s life for the better. You will become the best trainer you can be for your horse and your horse will change physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am one of many examples, who went through this change and I cannot imagine life without Straightness Training anymore. Straightness Training is for everyone and every horse. It is the fuel to keep the engine running in each horse training session no matter what your disciplines are. Check out my story how I found Straightness Training and why I went through the instructor program of Marijke de Jong.

Do you want to know how to solve the problems you have with your horse or how to unlock the full potential in your horse?

Let me ask you some questions to find out if Straightness Training could be the solution for you:


             Is your horse often tense during riding?

             Does your horse not want to turn to one side? 

             Is your horse sometimes too fast or too slow?

             Does your horse often strike or does he even rear or buck? 

             Perhaps your horse is often lame when you ride? 

             Does your riding sometimes feel more like a fight, because your horse always pulls at one side of the bit?

             Is your horse often nervous, alert, lazy, grouchy or not paying attention during training?

             Do you find yourself sitting often crooked on your horse, because you and your saddle slide to one or the other side?


             Are you just stuck and not progressing anymore?

The cause could be the natural asymmetry of your horse, which can lead to all these problems and many more. As a rider, horse owner and horse lover it should be our responsibility to address these symptoms for the well-being of the horse.


Straightness Training could be your solution. If you are interested to find out more about this training method, it would be my pleasure to guide you and your horse through the principles of ST and support you on your own journey.

I am a dedicated Instructor who cares for the health and joy in horses and riders. I want you to become the best trainer/coach and partner you can be for your horse; not just for your horse but also for yourself.

With ST you will go on a journey as a human being, which will have positive side effects on your life as well. I have made and I am still experiencing this change in my life, being very grateful to have found Straightness Training in 2011.

I am a 3rd Grade Licensed Straightness Training Instructor® by Marijke de Jong® and I teach in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and around the world, wherever help is needed.

My goal is to make riders and horses happy, to find their balance in body and mind, and to guide and work with them in the pace they provide. Straightness Training is not a quick-fix but in a relatively short period of time you will be able to see a positive change in your horse.

If you are interested in having private lessons, organizing a workshop, which could be 1 or more days, or just an informative meeting/lecture about Straightness Training, please contact me by e-mail for further information.

Here is a short compilation out of my evaluations in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty on the level of Grade 3, which were my practical exams in 2015.

For all the detailed information about Straightness Training in English, please visit Marijke de Jong’s website www.straightnesstraining.com



Miriam Sherman