Work in hand!


I have started to train Lucano parallel to the riding also in work in hand but more in an forward-upwards position.

This is hard for him as it needs much more strength than pushing forward with a lower head position. He needs to bend those long hind legs so he can start to carry himself easier.


It is all work in process and nothing fancy but I think it is also important to show the daily training with all its little thingies :-)

As important it is to shift the center of mass away from the front legs to prevent injuries as important it is to allow the horse a good stretch over the topline into a forward down as well 😀


For me, a proper forward down is when the horse is really searching towards the hand/line with a long neck, with his nose closer to the vertical so the poll/ears are going forward and down, and the hind legs are reaching far under his body.


From the ground we can see and feel it in our hand(s) because if the horse is not in balance, it will not look pretty nor does it feel light.


If done with essence, it is healthy and in my opinion a must to integrate it into the training so the muscles and topline can develop properly. The horses are much happier and more willing if they can relax, stretch and breathe in between hard work 😉

July 2021

Love my eagle view camera….even though it is not perfect but I see enough to evaluate myself and try better the next time 😀


Filming yourself is so important and I do it constantly 😀



…is a wonderful tool to build up the horse muscles, strength and coordination.

Here, I have been focusing on stepping forward and under with his hind legs so he can stay on the circle line without falling in or out. Once he found self-carriage he takes responsibility for his balance, suppleness and shape without me interfering too much but still feeling connected to each other.


A lot of times we see horses, who fall in or out with the shoulders because the hind legs are pushing forward and sideways away from the center of mass, which often causes the diagonal imbalance.


Unfortunately, many riders try to fix this with draw reins or any other Longeing equipment to keep the horses in place, in a certain posture or under control.

However, with time, patience and having a logical plan of progressive exercises our horses will offer even more than what we ask for.


I see great Longeing transformations every week with my students and their horses. All kinds of breeds are capable to walk, trot or even canter proper and balanced Longeing circles.

Some need a bit more time; some need a bit less time, with some it looks fancier, with some it looks not spectacular but it works when you believe in yourself and in your horse 🙂 

This quote just reminded me how it looked when we started and how it looks today 😀

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.” -Prince Caspian-

June 2021

Despite the heat I decided to do some walk training concentrating on small little nuances in my seat 😀

I have always so many ideas and I could train forever from the ground and still be never finished 🤪

Still a bit bumpy but Lucano gave me his first steps haunches-in on a circle 😀


Februar 2021

I catch myself doing a lot of Liberty with Lucano because he his mental state is not always ready right from the start to work him with tools. So I let him steam off, being silly while he needs to take responsibility at least for the gait and the direction. Otherwise I don’t bother him. But soon he connects and starts to resonate on my inner picture and energy :-)

Januar 2021