Some update on my youngster Lucano :-)                                                                                                             Jan.2019


I have not done so much over the winter time as he is still busy growing up. He is also not ready to be worked with a cavesson on a regular basis as he gives me some clear signs of discomfort.

So instead I focus mainly to create the LFS (lateral bending, stepping under and forward down tendency) at Liberty in walk, trot and canter.

Capturing the slightest try with a lot of release, reward and relax in between. Very happy about his progress because small steps will add up over time.

Stay tuned for the trot video :-)

Some trot work at Liberty :-)

The higher the gait the more visible his vertical and diagonal imbalance is showing; falling on the inside shoulder, speeding up looking to the outside. With time and practise, he will be able to keep more consistent balance, suppleness, shape, tempo and rhythm though.

We both are still getting to know each other so Liberty is THE pillar to find out :-)

I am very happy that the canter comes along to the right as well because this is his hard side, where he does not like to bend to the inside. 

He used to get a bit stressed in the transition (still visible) starting to speed up in the wrong lead cross cantering. 

I try to help him by cantering a bit with my own body language but with time my inner metronome should be enough :-)

A lot of RRR (release, reward, relax) in between is the key to keep him motivated and to bring calmness in everything we do :-)