11 Sept. 2018

We also manage some walk/trot/canter and some smooth transitions. 
Lucano is a left bended horse, so what ever we do from the left he feels more at ease and it seems almost effortless for him.

Nevertheless I do practise the right side as well (not in the video) as the goal of ST is to straighten the horse equally to both sides. It looks a bit bumpier in the transitions and the vertical imbalance is more visible but as said before, it is not about the physical aspect at the moment rather to find a mutual and respectful relationship to build on 

A little glimpse out of my training with my youngster  Lucano 

I have started with some light basic groundwork exercises using the cavesson, line and whip. He shows some nice moments in the standstill as well some LFS (lateral bending, forward down tendency and stepping under) on the circle.

Even though I hardly use any pressure on the line he started to nip at it once in a while. Nothing to worry about as this is more a game for him but I decided to leave it to not reinforce a behaviour I don’t want and work him instead at Liberty.

There are many benefits for both of us. I have to be very clear with my inner picture and inner feeling (IP/IF) and my body language, my whip, my energy etc. and Lucano can feel free to leave if I am too much, too boring, too slow, too fast or not interesting enough to stick to me plus he has to use his brain to figure things out in a playful way 😁
So I keep the session also short and give a lot of release, reward and relax (RRR) to keep him motivated.

At the moment it is not so much about the physical aspect yet but more about keeping him in balance mentally and emotionally, especially when the neighbour's horses (including a mare) are in the fields next door.

Such a sweetheart 


Happy Birthday dear Lucano :-)


3 years young and starting to grow up. 


14. Januar 2018

Ich bin so glücklich mit dem Ergebnis. Lucano hat in den ersten zwei Fahrten in seinem jungen Leben nicht so gute Erfahrungen gemacht, sodass ich mir es zum Ziel setzte, ihn Stressfrei zu verladen. Mit viel Ruhe, Geduld und Zeit war es dann soweit die zwei Jungs in ihr neues zu Hause zu bringen. Es hat alles wunderbar geklappt :-)


Today it was the time to move the horses to their new home. I have practised with Lucano trailer loading and I am so happy with the results. Time, patience and consistency paid off :-)