June 6th

Seat lessons!

A lot of riders are feeling a bit labeled down when put on the longe to improve their seat however I feel the opposite 😀
I am very grateful when being longed because I can fully concentrate on my myself, starting with my breathing, coordinating all my body parts, letting the feelings, thoughts and pictures sink deep down inside to create better awareness.

I think it is a great opportunity to be longed receiving seat lessons focusing only on yourself as my long-term Mastery student Annette did. It was lovely to see the reaction of Misfit 🐴 when she found her ‘home seat’ and felt balanced ⚖️ throughout with a big smile on her face 😀

We always strive for harmony in body 💪 and mind 🌱in the horse but what about us, the riders?
If we don’t work our horses 🐎 won’t work and that is actually the first step to realize that we riders have to work on our body and mind as well.

I believe that every rider can create a smooth, calm and functional seat. The sky is the limit and there are so many ways and tools (yoga, Pilates, dancing, martial arts etc.) to find balance ⚖️ and coordination 🏃‍♀️in our body so that we do not disturb our horse’s beautiful movements.

It is such a fascinating journey to develop your own independent and balanced seat 😀

                                                                                                                                                                                                    May 30th

Still going strong 💪😀

My elderly horse Misfit (23 y.) is still in regular training.
He knows quite a lot and today it is not so much about teaching him new stuff, it is more about keeping him supple, strong and fit until old age 😉

The variety of Groundwork, Longeing, Work in Hand, Riding and Liberty really make the difference in training.
I am very grateful to have him in my life for 19 years now as he was the reason why I started Straightness Training in 2011.

Time flys but I look very much forward to many more wonderful years with him 🐴